BrisketTown is our Brooklyn-based house of meat.


Each night we serve up heaps of slow smoked meats, delicious sides, and house-made pies.

BrisketTown opened in November of 2012 with the intention of being a pop-up counter service BBQ joint. Slowly it evolved into the full service restaurant that it is today.

Each night we turn down the lights, crank up the music, and start doing what we do best: serving up Central Texas-style BBQ classics. Our beef brisket, which we rub in salt and pepper and smoke for about 15 hours until perfectly tender, is our most popular item. But increasingly folks have been flocking to our pork ribs and pulled pork. The crowning jewel for us has been perfecting our house-made Texas “Hot Guts” sausage, which allowed us to complete the Texas Barbecue Trinity (brisket, pork ribs, sausage).

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