The 10 Best Shirataki Noodles of 2024 [Health & Taste]

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Attention all the pasta and noodles lovers! You may be ruining your weight-loss goals with those high on starch, carbs, and calories food.

So, before bringing that pot of noodles to a boil, try replacing them with the best Shirataki noodles. These translucent, gelatinous noodles come from the land of Japan and are rightly revolutionizing the world of sensible eating with their numerous health benefits.

Made from konjac yam, Shirataki noodles contain 97% water, 3% fiber and traces of fat, protein, and calcium. If you are a fan of the Asian cuisine, then the chances are that you are already aware of the amazingness.

Being calorie- and carb-free, they help you attain your weight-loss goals sooner as they make you feel full without impacting your digestive health adversely.

Thus, if you’ve been thinking to try them, but aren’t sure which product should you buy, then keep reading. You are about to enter a world full of some of the finest varieties of shirataki noodles ever.

Let’s dig in!

Top 10 Best Shirataki Noodles

1. Skinny Noodles Shirataki Spaghetti

Key Features

  • It’s made from unique, natural ingredients – the primary one being konnyaku or konjac
  • Gluten free, soy free (tofu free), preservative free
  • Kosher certified
  • An amazing source of fiber
  • Can be enjoyed in various ways – in soup, with tomato sauce or stir fry vegetables

Make cooking fun and healthy with these Skinny Noodles which are made from Konnyaku (Glucomannan) yam. As these are rich in dietary fiber, your digestion rate slows down, and you are better able to absorb glucose.

What’s more? These make a great meal component as they are quite filling. So, if you can’t seem to get enough pasta and want a variant that’s without carbs and calories – this is what you should try eating.

2. Tofu Shirataki Noodles Spaghetti Shape

Key Features

  • Healthy meal option
  • Gluten free
  • Easy to cook
  • Low calorie and low carb food

Something that every Tofu lover will enjoy, this noodles are perfect for dieting as they are low-calorie, low-carb, gluten-free, and vegan. Thus, finding that easy alternative to regular pasta is no longer a dream. These yam infused shirataki are your answer to those hunger pangs that push you towards unhealthy food. But not anymore.

And what’s even more impressive about these product is that they absorb almost any flavor. So, no matter which sauce you want to enjoy them with, you are sure to get a flavorsome meal.

3. Skinny Pasta – Rice

Key Features

  • These provide only nine calories per serving
  • Assists in digestion and weight loss
  • Curb your hunger without finding respite in that unhealthy bowl of pasta
  • Completely odor free
  • It is great for all types of diets – vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and sugar-free

Another healthy pasta substitute for the world. Skinny Pasta is also made of the Konjac plant and is rich in fiber. Satisfying your appetite without compromising on the taste becomes possible with this rice shaped Skinny Pasta. And the Glucomannan content means that you get a healthy and all-natural, water-soluble fiber added to your meal for quick digestion and weight loss.

Being free of sugar, starch, wheat, gluten, lactose, soy, cholesterol, salt, fat, and preservatives, it is the ideal choice for diet watchers or those who suffer from common food allergies.

4. Skinny Noodles Low Carb - Gluten-Free Shirataki Rice

Key Features

  • Low carb, low calorie
  • Gluten free
  • Soy free (tofu free) and Kosher
  • One serving gives 3 grams of healthy fiber from konjac (glucomannan)
  • Diabetic, weight loss, and keto friendly

Living a life that’s low on carbs, starches, and calories is no easy feat. You need dedication and the right alternative for your rice or noodle cravings. And that’s where the Shirataki Rice from Skinny Noodles come in. Switch out that bowl of regular rice for a serving of these rice, and you will notice a significant improvement in your overall health and wellness.

Easy to make, all that you need to do is drain them, rinse them well, and pan fry for 2-3 minutes. That’s all! And you will be ready to enjoy your meal. For a healthier version of these special rice, you can even skip the pan frying part and simply toss the rice into your favorite soups.

5. Better Than Noodles

Key Features

  • Organic, Gluten-Free, and Vegan, which makes these great for Vegetarian, Vegan and Paleo diets
  • Kosher
  • These provide just 15 calories / 4 carbs per serving
  • High in fiber
  • These noodles are free of fat, wheat, sugar, sodium, dairy, and soy

Aptly named as BETTER THAN NOODLES, these are one of the best tasting Shirataki noodles on the market. Being plant-based, these make a healthy alternative to traditional pasta, and my weight-loss journey can be a testament to the fact.

As these contain purified water and Juroat, they really help in slowing the digestion process – which means you feel fuller for a more extended period. Let’s jump to the key features of these precooked noodles that you must try if you are serious about leading a healthy lifestyle without junk and processed food.

6. Skinny Pasta – Variety Pack

Key Features

  • Aids in healthy weight loss
  • Konjac based pasta
  • Great for those who need a healthy pasta alternative for various diets
  • Odor free for a flavorful meal

Another excellent buy from the brand Skinny Pasta. This variety pack includes fettuccine shape, spaghetti shape and noodles shape Shirataki to provide you a number of healthy alternatives to regular pasta and noodles.

So, if you are in need of some precooked meals that are absolutely free of sugar, gluten, lactose, soy, salt, cholesterol, wheat, fat, and preservatives, then this pack is all you need. What’s even more terrific about these product is that they offer about nine calories per serving, unlike traditional pasta that provide over 200 calories — a perfect meal for diet conscious people.

7. Skinny Noodles Shirataki Pasta - Macaroni

Key Features

  • Pre-cooked
  • Low carb, low calorie, gluten free shirataki noodles
  • Great for those who need diabetic, weight loss, and keto friendly diets
  • Soy free (tofu free) and Kosher

You can’t get over Skinny Noodles love for low carb and low calorie food. This brand has been transforming the world with its Gluten Free Shirataki Pasta Macaroni which has become a go-to macaroni variant for health enthusiasts.

Like many of its counterparts mentioned on this list, it is also made from the fibrous root vegetable konjac or konnyaku. An excellent source of fiber, this product provides 3 grams or more per serving. Thus, it’s an ideal choice for fitness freaks or for those who want to control their blood sugar level.

8. Organic Well Lean Variety Pack – Premium Shirataki

Key Features

  • Ready to eat
  • Low-calorie food
  • The noodles contain 2 grams of soluble fiber per serving
  • These are completely odor-free

From the house of Well Lean, comes this incredible pack which contains three packs of Organic Well Lean Noodles and three packs of Organic Well Lean Fettuccine – all made from Konjac.

So, Shirataki Noodles and Fettuccine lovers, please take note. These healthy eating choices are made with a dash of oat fiber, giving a better texture and color than the rest of the similar products available today. Enjoy them for a healthy meal that’s as delicious as it’s easy to prepare – that too right at the comfort of your home.

9. NOoodle No Carb Pasta - Best Tasting Shirataki Noodles

Key Features

  • No carbs, no calories
  • These noodles are prebiotic that means they feed healthy gut bacteria – improving your overall health and immunity
  • They keep you full for longer
  • NOoodles also help in reducing LDL cholesterol while improving heart health and function
  • Keto and Paleo friendly
  • Quick and easy preparation

Take some hint from the name, NOoodle is your NO calorie Noodle, my friend. If you are on the lookout for a product that gives you a healthy alternative for all those complex carbs, then this is it.

Loaded with one gram of dietary fiber and zero carbs, these Shirataki noodles taste scrumptious. They contain 97% water & 3% soluble fiber, which is also called the Glucomannan fiber – best known for its health and wellness benefits.

10. Slendier Zero Carb - Certified Organic Shirataki Rice

Key Features

  • Organic Certified
  • It is Fructose as well as Vegan Friendly
  • Kosher
  • It provides just 10 calories per 100g
  • It is free from wheat (gluten), fat, sugar, egg, dairy, nuts, soy

Make way for Slendier which has reached my top 10 Shirataki noodles list all the way from Australia. This product is a delightful substitute for noodles, pasta, and rice and can be best enjoyed by those who are looking to lose weight. And, it is a blessing in disguise for those who have diabetes or food allergies.

A true low-calorie solution, it will help you have delicious food quickly and easily – leading to a healthier and much more confident you.

Shirataki Noodles Buying Guide

Quick to cook and loved by all, Shirataki noodles provide almost endless recipe possibilities. But how to find the ideal Shirataki for your consumption?
Let’s figure that out after checking the benefits of these much-loved noodles.

Benefits of Shirataki Noodles

Subbing in Shirataki noodles for your regular ones? Read its benefits below.

  • These offer a fabulous low-calorie pasta alternative
  • These contain over 3 grams of fiber per serving, which means you get additional fiber without those burdensome calories
  • These are vegan and gluten-free as well
  • They come in a variety of shapes and variants
  • Shirataki noodles are slow-digesting which means you feel full for much longer after eating them
  • These fit perfectly into the ketogenic diet

Things you must consider before purchasing Shirataki Noodles

Before you head to Amazon to order, it’s necessary that you know what all to consider while buying them. Take a look here –

Type – From noodles to rice and even pasta in spaghetti, macaroni, and fettuccini, there is a wide variety of Shirataki food that you can savor.

Texture – While some Shirataki noodles are only made using the konjac plant, you can also find texture variants like tofu, chickpeas, or other proteins to add more flavor to your plate.

Cost – Given the health benefits that they offer, the price of these noodles is more than traditional noodles. So, just like the shapes and flavors, their cost too can affect your purchasing decision.

Multi pack – While you can easily get individual packs for these noodles, multi-packs can be cost-saving, and they can also provide you different variants in one buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it difficult to cook Shirataki noodles?
Absolutely not. While you can always make these your way by adding as many additional ingredients as you want, cooking basic Shirataki noodles takes only a couple of minutes. All that’s required is to open the pack, drain them, rinse them and then fry them a bit or straightaway toss them into your choice of soup.

How do they taste?
Well, Shirataki noodles have just a bit of their unique taste. However, note that they do have a particular smell, which usually eliminates during cooking. Once cooked, they can be eaten plain, or you can try them with sauces that contain different types of ingredients. It all depends on your liking, after all!

Are they similar to pasta noodles?
Shirataki noodles are not like pasta. They are much healthier than regular pasta – thanks to their main ingredient, konjac. But they come in as many shapes as pasta noodles. From fettuccini to capellini, ziti and even angel hair – you get an amazing variety at present.

How to use them in meals?
The most common method to include them in your meals is to use them as a plain side dish to any main course that goes well with noodles. Alternatively, you can find loads of recipes online to know how best can you include these magical noodles in your meals.

Eat Better, Live Better

Hope this guide helped you find all the information you needed on the best Shirataki noodles. Turn your boring regular food into a healthy meal with these noodles that are loaded with all the goodness of konjac. It’s about time you ate better and lived better.
Happy Noodle-ing!

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