Wedding FAQs

Wedding planning is completely new for most of our clients, and we frequently see the same questions coming up. So we've built an FAQ section to help you through your planning.

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How far do you travel?
Up to 2.5 hours from Brooklyn, NY.

How long is your typical wedding?
5 - 6 hours. 

How many hours does it take to set up and break down?
Setup can take 3-4 hours, break down is 1-2 hours. 

Do you offer individually plated meals?
We serve food family style (like Thanksgiving) or a buffet.

How many hors d'oeuvres do you suggest?
3 - 5 selections.

What do you offer for guests with dietary restrictions?
We can accommodate vegetarians, vegans, and most allergies.
We can also purchase and cook kosher briskets, but our kitchen is not kosher.

Do you charge the same price for children and adults?
Children (3 to 10) are half price.

What is the average cost for rentals?
It's usually around $30 - 45 per guest, depending on what forks you pick.

Do you need an on-site kitchen?

How do you figure out how many servers to bring?
Our staffing is based on your guest count, venue, and event timeline.

What is the uniform for your staff?
All black, unless you specify otherwise.