This Thanksgiving we're offering some of BrisketTown's favorites.
Give them as gifts, or eat them yourself.

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Central Texas-style Brisket ($199, 6 - 8 lbs)

Our slow smoked Central-Texas style BBQ brisket is the first on the menu this year. Each brisket comes in at around 6 - 8 lbs, and comes unsliced, and chilled. Pop it in the oven for about 20 minutes, and you're ready to slice into the beef that won Brisket King of NYC! 


Our turkey has grown into a real crowd pleaser and the favorite meat of many folks on our crew. We lightly rub each turkey breast in salt and cracked mustard seed, and delicately smoke it until tender. The result is an unbelievably juicy turkey that's miles from anything that you'll get out of an oven. We recommend finishing each slice with a little bit of butter. Tis the season!