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life can be summed up with three b's: beer, balls, and brisket.


about us

Delaney Barbecue came to be when Dan Delaney’s love of barbecue became fanaticism. After tasting the best Texas brisket of his life, Delaney decided to (illegally) haul a 18’ foot smoker from Texas to Brooklyn. A series of BBQ pop-ups dubbed “Brisketlab” followed, and finally, to much anticipation, he opened BrisketTown, a cozy restaurant in Williamsburg serving up slow-smoked 'cue.

The restaurant has received a fair share of accolades and awards, appeared on many round-ups ranking the best barbecue in New York City, and was nominated for the James Beard Award, the highest honor in the culinary world.

Our Style of Barbecue

For some, barbecue is hamburgers and hot dogs in a backyard. To us, it's America's first, most classic style of cooking. Different regions of the country have distinct styles and flavors of barbecue, but one thing they all share is the amount of time, love, and dedication that goes into smoking each mouth-watering bite. 

We focus on recreating the type of BBQ you'd find in Central-Texas, which includes slow-smoked brisket, juicy pork ribs, and hot link sausages that snap when you eat them. True to form, we season simply, just a little salt and pepper, then smoke for up to 16 hours, using nothing but white oak and a whole lot of patience. 


you'll get VOTED MVP when you serve brisket at halftime.
Here's what we can do for you:



We’ll design a feast featuring our slow smoked meats that can be served table side or simply dropped off. If you’d like, we can also start with small bites and end with southern pies.


If you’re BYOB'ing the shindig, that’s groovy. But if you'd like, we can set up a beer and wine bar, or bring in bartenders that can mix any kind of cocktail your guests can dream up. 


If you’re planning a serious Super Bowl party, we can hire waiters, mixologists and anyone else you might need to help out.


We’re happy to coordinate renting the tables, chairs, napkins—everything down to the forks you and your guests will use. Just let us know if you’d like us to help out.

Holy fu***ing $**t. Eating here is like having some kind of unimaginably delicious meat form of tequila. You’ll be giddy and want to hug strangers from joy, maybe lick brisket grease off their bodies. Whoever described it as “meat candy” got it spot on.
— Tom
All of our guests RAVED about the food and how excited they were. Working with Delaney’s has been incredible!
— Daniella & James

Let's Get Started

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Our pricing is always custom. If you want us to be your caterer, we'll do what it takes to make that happen. Our packages range from $35 to $200 per guest, starting with food only and building up to full service with drinks, staffing and rentals. Let’s figure out what works.

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