April Fools 2014 - TofuTown

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Well that was fun! For those of you who missed out: We announced that we were converting BrisketTown to an all vegan restaurant called TofuTown, as an April Fools Prank. Our website was switched over, and we posted it online. 

I have to say, I was pretty surprised by how many folks responded to it. But I was even more surprised by how many people got punked and really thought we were going vegan! Here were some of the emails and tweets that came through:

Please tell me that this is an April Fools prank?   No self respecting pit master would darken his grill with tofu and the like.

holy crap i went bananas!!!!  i was gonna send serious hate mail!!!

no more brisket? 

Ok.. so now that you serve only vegan and tofu, what happens to the real meat brisket I bought and had on reserve? And no, really.. I have no desire to eat tofu!

Wow thats crazy ... but I here you. Ima definitely come in and try some bbq tofu.

You're breaking my heart.

you just scared the shit out of me

What does that mean for the pounds of brisket that was already purchased and not redeemed? Will that be refunded?

My favorite was probably this:

As a vegan who originally purchased a BrisketTown membership for her omnivore husband, I don't find this particularly funny. Please remove me from your mailing list.


We even had the good folks at Eater and BK Magazine pick up up and write posts. Crazy. All in, I think it was a successful prank. Happy April Fools!