Q: When can I redeem my Birthday Meat?
A: Birthday Meat is valid five days before and after your birthday. 

Q: Is Birthday Meat totally free?
A: Totally.

Q: What do I get with Birthday Meat?
A: You get a coupon for free meat. 

Q: Do I have to eat in, or can I get take out / delivery?
A: Birthday Meat is strictly guests dining in. Sorry no take out, or delivery.

Q: Is Birthday Meat valid at SmokeLine or if I see y'all at a BBQ festival?
A: No. Birthday Meat is only valid at BrisketTown in Williamsburg.

Q: Do I need to print the Birthday Meat coupon out?
A: Nope, just show it to us on your smart phone.

Q: Do I get free pie on my birthday?
A: No.

Q: What's the square root of pi?
A: 1.772453851

Q: I signed up today, and my birthday is today, but I didn't receive Birthday Meat. What gives?
A: Birthday Meat is sent out five days before your birthday. If you sign up four days before your birthday, you will have to wait a year for Birthday Meat. Same thing applies if you sign up on your birthday, or once your birthday passes.

Q: I signed up a while ago, and I still haven't received my Birthday Meat! Aarg!?!
A: Birthday Meat comes via an email blast. Please make sure our emails aren't going in your SPAM folder. If you're sure they're not, you can always sign-up again using the form above.