Free meat on your birthday.

As true as your (birth)day is long.

We love birthdays. In fact, we all try and have at least one per year! As a kid, I remember getting coupons to Dairy Queen in the mail, alerting me that the most glorious of days was approaching rapidly.

I loved those postcards, and vowed that I'd so something similar if I ever opened up my own place. Well, I have, and here it is:

Here's how it works:

  1. We give free meat to folks on our email list.
  2. Join our email list by putting your contact info in to the right.
  3. Five days before your birthday we'll send you a coupon for free BBQ at BrisketTown in Williamsburg.
  4. That's it. 





Q: When can I redeem my Birthday Meat?
A: Birthday Meat is valid five days before and after your birthday. 

Q: Is Birthday Meat totally free?
A: Totally.

Q: What do I get with Birthday Meat?
A: You get a coupon for free meat. 

Q: Do I have to eat in, or can I get take out / delivery?
A: Birthday Meat is strictly guests dining in. Sorry no take out, or delivery.

Q: Is Birthday Meat valid at SmokeLine or if I see y'all at a BBQ festival?
A: No. Birthday Meat is only valid at BrisketTown in Williamsburg.

Q: Do I need to print the Birthday Meat coupon out?
A: Nope, just show it to us on your smart phone.

Q: Do I get free pie on my birthday?
A: No.

Q: What's the square root of pi?
A: 1.772453851

Q: I signed up today, and my birthday is today, but I didn't receive Birthday Meat. What gives?
A: Birthday Meat is sent out five days before your birthday. If you sign up four days before your birthday, you will have to wait a year for Birthday Meat. Same thing applies if you sign up on your birthday, or once your birthday passes.

Q: I signed up a while ago, and I still haven't received my Birthday Meat! Aarg!?!
A: Birthday Meat comes via an email blast. Please make sure our emails aren't going in your SPAM folder. If you're sure they're not, you can always sign-up again using the form above.