This spring, we're rolling out a new member of our catering team: Our 1965 Airstream Safari camper. She'll be decked out as a very special, mobile private dining room, ready to come to you for everything from backyard bbq's and birthday parties to weddings and corporate affairs. 

What is An Airstream?

An Airstream is a brand of camper-trailers that became very popular in the 1960's, largely by their iconic bullet-like polished aluminum exterior. 

What's Yours Like?

We own a 1965 Airstream Safari which is currently being renovated as a mobile dining room, complete with heating and cooling, a sound system, and seating for up to 15. 

What's it for?

Our airstream can be rented for a unique dining experience, brought wherever you are. It can be parked on the street, in a driveway, or in a field, and can be used as a private dining room

How many Does it Seat? 

Our airstream can comfortably offer seating for parties up to 15 guests. Alternately, tables and chairs can be removed if you'd like to use the airstream as a mobile lounge or meeting space.

Event Types

The interior of the airstream is flexible, and can be used for multiple event types. It can be set with family style dining tables for cozy, BBQ supper. Or we can clear it out if you'd like to use it as a lounge or for meetings. 

What's Included

The airstream is outfitted with comfortable seating, a sound system with an AUX input, as well as heating, cooling, and lighting. It does not contain an onsite bathroom.

Travel Distance

We travel up to two hours from NYC with the airstream in tow. 


The airstream is currently under construction. Photos will be posted in Spring from our impending catering season.